X-LASER Quickshow XL by Pangolin Quickshow upgrade to
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X-LASER Quickshow XL by Pangolin Quickshow upgrade to

X-LASER Quickshow XL by Pangolin Quickshow upgrade to


Product Description

We offer a variety of laser control software packages created by Pangolin, the world’s leading laser control manufacturer. Our most commonly used and purchased system, Quickshow XL, is a user-friendly, completely customizable laser control software package that allows you to create custom text, graphics, animations, images and programmed laser shows. For professional-level shows, Beyond XL is the answer as it provides the deepest show control available. Both Quickshow XL and Beyond XL by Pangolin come with exclusive content especially for X-Laser users. For those seeking laser control via Cat5 or other methods, Pangolin FB4 is the way to go. More information on all of these options is below!

Tools For Every Level

Whether you are just starting out with laser system programming or have been working with laser control for decades, we offer a control options that offer both simplified and advanced controls to suit your skills and comfort level.

Thousands of cues pre-loaded

Right out of the box, Quickshow and Beyond come with more than 2,000 cues built in and ready to roll. Need an animation for Christmas? A New Year’s countdown? Or some beautiful aerial patterns? Those designs are already waiting for you.

FB4: Next-generation laser control

Pangolin’s FB4 hardware allows for full control using Cat5, ILDA or DMX along with either Quickshow or Beyond software. FB4 can be integrated into many X-Laser systems, or can function as a standalone box.


Quickshow and Beyond software each feature more than 2,000 pre-loaded cues, animations and aerial patterns, the most complete suite of laser control tools on the market. You can also expand the flexibility of your system with multiple USB DAC units (dongles) for unique projections from each laser. Quickshow and Beyond are meant for ILDA-capable systems such as our Mobile Beat, Skywriter and Defiant.

X-Laser also offers system control options that use Cat5, IP and/or Art-Net, including Pangolin’s FB4 hardware. Systems such as our Skywriter HPX Tour 10/20/30 and Defiant can have FB4 built-in upon request. Systems like our Skywriter HPX, Skywriter HPX Tour and Mobile Beat can use FB4 via a standalone control box. DMX-only units such as Aurora and Caliente models are not compatible with FB4 control hardware.


Quickshow: Entry-level but powerful ILDA/USB laser control for most venues, mobile performers, enthusiasts and installations.

Beyond: Scalable industry-standard professional ILDA software available in three levels. Ideal for highly complex and professional laser show applications.

Pangolin FB4: Laser control hardware that can use Cat5, ILDA or DMX (depending on FB4 version) in conjunction with Quickshow or Beyond.

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