VocoPro Silent Disco 310
VocoPro Silent Disco 310

VocoPro Silent Disco 310

VocoPro Silent Disco 310
Item# Silent Disco 310

Product Description

VOCOPRO | SilentDisco-310

Silent Disco package with 3 Transmitters and 10 Wireless LED Headphones


Silent Disco is a great way to bring everyone together at a dance party, offering up to three different styles of music so no one is left out. VocoPro's new Silent Disco model has three different package sizes to cover anything from a house party to a full scale event. Rechargeable Wireless Headphones offer 8 hours of use per charge. They light up in three distinct colors to show the program you are tuned in to. The Wireless Transmitter can easily connect to a DJ console or a smart phone to transmit music in up to a 300 foot radius. Never get a complaint on being too loud from the neighbors or the law-enforcement. Crank up the music and dance to the beats with VocoPro's Silent Disco series

  • New generation of LED Silent Disco headphones that is Lightweight, Durable and super comfortable to wear
  • Easily switch between Three Channels with LED displaying the Channel you are in
  • Both Headphone and Transmitter are Rechargeable to save battery costs and be kind to our planet
  • New HD Transmitter Easily connects to DJ Console or smart phone.
  • Operates on future proof 900 MHz, away from TV and Wi-Fi interference
  • Shipping Dimensions: 17x15x10
  • Shipping Weight: 14 lbs
  • Battery Info:
    Transmitter: Lithium Ion battery 3.7V / 1000mAh
    Headphone: Lithium Ion Battery 3.7V / 600mAh

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