VocoPro DA-9808RV
VocoPro DA-9808RV

VocoPro DA-9808RV

VocoPro DA-9808RV
Item# DA-9808RV

Product Description

VOCOPRO | DA-9808-RV New

Professional 600W Karaoke Amplifier with 24-bit DSP Mic Effect, HDMI input and Optical Input for Smart TV


Sing like the pro!

Ever wondered why some karaoke systems sound average and some make you sound like a karaoke vocal star?

The secret is in the DSP mic effect for karaoke vocals.

The DA-9808-RV has a dedicated DSP effect design for karaoke. Users have precise control over echo, repeat, delay, plus reverb, and hiss filtering.

DA-9080-RV incorporates the same DSP chip used on many of VocoPro's professional karaoke club DJ mixers. So, you can sound like you are singing from the best sounding karaoke venue worldwide.



  • Custom designed 24-bit DSP chip with stereo echo, repeat, delay, reverb, and hiss filtering.
  • Powerful 600 W amplifier designed for karaoke clubs, KTV rooms, and high-end karaoke home studios.
  • Onboard Vocal Eliminator to remove vocals on non-karaoke songs. Also able to remove vocals on multiplex karaoke tracks with vocal recorded on either right or left channel.
  • Connect to a smart TV with a built-in optical input or connect a tablet or phone via Bluetooth to sing thousands of karaoke tracks on YouTube.
  • Built-in HDMI input/switch to decode audio from digital sources like Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.
  • Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast is a trademark of their owners.
  • Includes:

  • DA-9808-RV
  • Remote Control
  • RCA to RCA cable
  • Power Cord
  • HDMI cable
  • Rack Mount Bracket x2
  • Specs:

  • Battery Info:  Remote control requires 2x AAA batteries (Not Included)
  • Weight:  25 lb
  • Dimensions:  21 x 16 x 10 in

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