Ultimate Support MC-FT-200
Ultimate Support MC-FT-200

Ultimate Support MC-FT-200

Ultimate Support MC-FT-200
Item# 17943

Product Description


Full-Tilt (Adjustable) Mic Stand

Innovation and strength are cornerstones upon which Ultimate Support has built our reputation. The Full-Tilt Adjustable microphone stand delivers strength through previous innovations such as a fast, quiet, and reliable clutch, built-in cable management clip, and a super stable weighted base. As a further innovation we have designed this Full Tilt stand with a foot pedal control allowing you to adjust the angle of the mic to the angle of your choice- perfect for performers who need to make room for floor pedals or unique instrumentation.


MC-FT-200 Full-Tilt (Fixed) Mic Stand Product Breakdown:

  • Super quiet clutch that is reliable, and impressively easy to tighten and release!
  • A sleek, round, cast iron base that is very stable and sturdy
  • Patented one-touch adjustment controls tilt, pan, depth, and rotation!
  • Adjustable angle foot pedal control allowing Mic Stand to be adjusted to the degree right for you
  • Part Name: MC-FT-200
  • Part Number: 17943
  • Base Type: Full-Tilt (Adjustable)
  • Height Type: Standard
  • Vertical Height: 35" - 62.75"
  • Angled Height:
  • 34.75" - 61.75"
  • Tube Diameter: .875"
  • Tube Material: Steel

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