Mackie MDB-1A
Mackie MDB-1A

Mackie MDB-1A

Mackie MDB-1A
Item# MDB-1A

Product Description


MDB Series Direct Boxes


From acoustic guitars to laptops, always sound your best with MDB Series Direct Boxes. Available in four different models, the MDB Series will give you the peace of mind that your sound will faithfully get to your audience the way that you hear it on stage.

1-channel Active Direct Box with Stereo Merge

Affordable Mackie MDB direct boxes are acoustically transparent and ruggedly built to ensure that your instruments and audio sources arrive at your listeners clean, uncolored, and as expected. Premium active analog circuitry (requires phantom power) gives the Mackie MDB-1A exceptional headroom and clarity. A -20dB pad protects the input from high-level sources such as active pickups and mobile devices. There’s even a Merge switch, which permits the connection of stereo audio sources, like keyboards, and sums them down to a single mono output. And with standard features like Low Cut, Ground Lift, and Polarity switches, the Mackie MDB-1A Active Direct Box from Sweetwater is equipped for whatever challenges your performance environment can throw at you.

  • Clean, uncolored, and acoustically transparent
  • Proven “Built-like-a-Tank” construction
  • Premium active analog circuitry
  • -20dB pad protects your input from high-level sound sources
  • Merge switch sums a stereo input (utilizes the Thru and Input jacks) down to a mono output
  • Low Cut, Ground Lift, and Polarity switches
  • Requires external +48-volt phantom power source
  • Type:Active
  • Channels:1
  • Pads:-20dB
  • Polarity Switch:Yes
  • Ground Lift:Yes
  • EQ:120Hz Low Cut switch
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4"
  • Outputs:1 x XLR (balanced line out), 1 x 1/4" (thru)
  • Power Source:48V Phantom Power
  • Height:1.5"
  • Depth:5.8"
  • Width:3.4"
  • Weight:0.8 lbs.

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