Lowell XCP810
Lowell XCP810

Lowell XCP810

Lowell XCP810
Item# XCP810

Product Description


XCP810: Recessed Backbox


Recessed enclosure with flat grille mounting flange will accept an 8 inch driver and torsion or screw-mount grille. It's ideal for suspended tile ceilings.



  • Material:   Welded unitized heavy gauge steel
  • Finish:  Black
  • Diameter:  10.06 in.
  • Depth:  10.06 in.
  • Volume:   0.463 cu.ft.
  • Acoustical Treatment:  Undercoated,  1.5 in. acoustic batting
  • Flange:  Flat
  • Mounting Aids:  U-clips, torsion receptacles, knockouts
  • For Grille Type:  Screw-mount or torsion


  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Certified U.S. steel


  • The recessed backbox shall be Lowell Model No. XCP810, which shall be 22-gauge steel undercoated to eliminate acoustic and mechanical resonance. The backbox shall have a 10.06 in. diameter and 10.06 in. depth. It shall have four .5—.75 in. knockouts for conduit and four .5 in. knockouts for wire. The backbox shall include 1.5 in. batting. It shall be finished in black powder epoxy paint.

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