Lowell TLM-3270A
Lowell TLM-3270A

Lowell TLM-3270A

Lowell TLM-3270A
Item# TLM-3270A

Product Description


Transformer #TLM-3270A (32W)


High performance line-matching 32W transformer.



  • Primary Voltage:  70V
  • Power Rating:   32W
  • Primary Taps:  32, 16, 8W
  • Secondary Impedance:  8, 4ohms
  • Frequency Response:  50Hz–15kHz (±1dB)
  • Lead Length:  18 in.
  • Leads:  Color-coded
  • Unit Size:  3.0 in. x 2.5 in. x 2.875 in.


  • The line matching 32W transformer shall be Lowell Model TLM-3270A. Primary voltage shall be 70V with a power rating of 32 watts. Primary taps shall be available at 32/16/8 watts. Secondary impedance taps shall be available at 8 ohms and 4 ohms. All taps shall have clearly marked color-coded leads. Frequency response of the transformer shall be 50Hz–15kHz (±1dB) with insertion loss not to exceed 0.6 dB.

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