Lowell SVPL-2CC
Lowell SVPL-2CC

Lowell SVPL-2CC

Lowell SVPL-2CC
Item# SVPL-2CC

Product Description

Rack Panel-Vented-2U, 18ga Flanged Perforated Steel (large hole), 12-pak, Blk

SVPL Series: Steel Vent Panel—Large holes, w/flange 1U–4U


Steel vent panel for 19 inch racks features staggered holes for passive ventilation. The vent pattern creates an open area of 63 percent. This panel also features a flange.



  • Material:  18-gauge steel
  • Finish:  Smooth black semi-gloss
  • Flange:  0.5 in.
  • Staggered Holes: 0.156 in. diameter, staggered pattern
  • Open Area:  63 percent
  • Width:  19 in.
  • Height:  1–4U
  • Multi-pack cartons available


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Certified U.S. steel
  • E.I.A. compliant


  • The rackmount vent panel shall be Lowell Model _______, which shall be 18-gauge certified U.S. steel perforated with 0.156 in. diameter holes on 0.187 in. staggered centers creating 63% open area. The panel shall feature 0.5 in. flange and smooth black semi-gloss powder epoxy finish. The panel shall measure 19 in. wide x _____ U.

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