Lowell SM810A
Lowell SM810A

Lowell SM810A

Lowell SM810A
Item# SM810A

Product Description


SM810A: Sound Masking Speaker


Above ceiling sound masking speaker with 8 in. 15W dual cone driver, 70V transformer, grille and backbox with wire hangers, S-hooks and chain. Black.



  • Driver:  8 in. 15W dual cone driver (10 oz. magnet)
  • Transformer:  70V (0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4W). Selector switch includes "OFF" position
  • Enclosure:  760 cu in. volume (11.625 in. square x 5.625 in. deep), fiberglass lining, externally accessible input leads, SG handibox cover with knockouts, Romex connector for installations without conduit. Black.
  • Grille:  Steel grille with round perforation pattern. Black.
  • Mounting Aids:  Removable wire hangers, S-hooks, and 4 ft. chain. Does not include rigging hardware.


  • UL 1480  General Signaling U.S.A.
  • UL 2043 Return air plenum space
  • CSAC22.2 No.205-M1983 General Signaling Canada
  • Made in the U.S.A. with global components
  • Certified U.S. steel


  • The sound masking speaker assembly for suspended ceiling installations shall be Lowell Model SM810A, which shall include an 8 in. 15W dual cone driver with factory-wired transformer mounted in a 760 cu.in. steel backbox with grille and externally accessible speaker leads. The wired transformer shall be 70V with primary taps at 4, 2, 1, .5, and .25 watts. The assembly shall include an externally accessible rotary switch to adjust tap selections and include an "OFF" position. Speaker leads shall exit the backbox through a strain relief clamp on a single gang handibox cover. Backbox and grille shall have a black  finish and include pre-mounted wire hangers (removable) with separate 4 ft. chain and S-hooks.

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