Lowell SEQR-4K
Lowell SEQR-4K

Lowell SEQR-4K

Lowell SEQR-4K
Item# SEQR-4K

Product Description


SEQR-4K: Rackmount Power Sequencer (4-step)


Low voltage sequencer provides time-delayed activation/deactivation of equipment connected to remote power controls or accessory systems. The 1U chassis mounts in minimal rack space to sequentially activate equipment connected in the same rack or in remote locations.



  • Chassis:  Steel rackmount chassis with black finish, 19.00 in. x 9.00 in. x 1.75 in. (1U)
  • LED status indicators
  • Adjustable delay allows 0.5 to 10 seconds between steps.
  • Four rear-access barrier strip control outputs
  • Contacts for connecting remote switches
  • Alarm interface for use where required by local building code.
  • Each of the four control outputs includes switch contacts for connection to remote power control-activated equipment and auxiliary dry contacts for sequentially activating accessory systems such as projector screens, lighting, etc.
  • UL Listed power supply with input 100-240VAC, output 24VDC, 500mA, 6 ft. cord and four plug adaptors (NEMA 1-15, Schuko CEE 7/16, BS1362, AS3112)
  • Activation:  Key switch


  • Made in U.S.A. with global components


  • The device for sequentially activating equipment shall be Lowell rackmount Model No. SEQR-4K, which shall feature front key actuation switch, LEDs and accessible trim pot for 4- step delay adjustment of sequence operation. The rear panel shall feature four barrier strip terminals for remote power control units and dry auxiliary contacts for accessory devices. Equipment to be controlled shall be connected to the sequencer using 2-conductor wire and Lowell Remote Power Control No. __________ (RPC Series, order separately). The rear panel shall include contacts for connecting an optional momentary style switch No. __________ (RPSW-M or RPSB-M Series, order separately) for remote operation of the sequence controller. The unit shall be equipped with an alarm interface for use where required by local building code.

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