Lowell RS12-AW
Lowell RS12-AW

Lowell RS12-AW

Lowell RS12-AW
Item# RS12-AW

Product Description


RS12-AW: Aluminum Speaker Grille

RS12-AW contoured aluminum speaker grille for use with 12 inch driver is a two-step design that's ideal for commercial applications where visual depth is preferable.


  • Style:  Screw-mount
  • Material:  Precision formed .04 aluminum with 2-step stamped design, contoured edge, circular perforation pattern
  • Finish:  White grille
  • Size:  16.625 in. diameter
  • Mounting Projection:  0.5 in.
  • Mounting Provisions:  8 screws (white), 4 hex nuts


  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • The contoured aluminum speaker grille for 12 inch drivers shall be Lowell Model RS12-AW. It shall be fabricated one-piece .04 aluminum with a multi-level finished surface with a peripheral flange of 60-degrees. The grille diameter shall be 16.625 in. with mounting projection of 0.5 in. The grille shall have four (.218 in.) holes spaced at 90-degree intervals for screw mounting the specified speaker. It shall also have four (.25 in.) holes spaced at 90-degree intervals on a 15.47 in. bolt circle for mounting specified backbox or mounting ring. Model RS12-AW shall be finished in white powder epoxy and shall include matching screws for speaker and backbox mounting.

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