Lowell RPAK-810-72
Lowell RPAK-810-72

Lowell RPAK-810-72

Lowell RPAK-810-72
Item# RPAK-810-72

Product Description


RPAK-810-72: Ceiling Speaker Kit

The ceiling speaker kit for recessed installation includes two (2) sets of ready-to-install speakers with factory-mounted transformers, plus grilles, enclosures, and tile-bridges.


  • General purpose paging and distributed music

ASSEMBLY INCLUDES (Set of 2 each):

  • Driver (No. 810):  8 in. 15W dual cone with 10 oz. magnet, 54Hz–11.6kHz (±6dB) and 50Hz–20kHz (±6.6dB) frequency response, 97.9dB average sensitivity measured 1W/1M.
  • Dual-Voltage Transformer:  25V/70V transformer with primary taps at .25, .5, 1, 2 and 5W.
  • Steel Grille (No. WB-8):  Factory mounted to driver with welded studs. Installs to enclosure and T-bridge with four white screws (provided). White finish.
  • Enclosure (No. 8XD4):  Heavy gauge steel with acoustic pad and four 1/2 - 3/4 in. knockouts for conduit. Punched lip for screw-mount installation of T-bridge. 10 in. diameter x 4 in. deep. White. Note: Does not include 8- 32 screws to mount enclosure to tile bridge. 
  • Tile-Bridge (No. LBS8-R1): Transfers weight to ceiling support structure in suspended tile ceilings. Galvanized steel with 4 wire-tie holes for seismic anchoring. 23.75 in. long.


  • Certified U.S. steel
  • Made in the U.S.A. with global components


  • The 8 inch ceiling speaker kit shall be Lowell Model No. RPAK- 810-72 which shall include two 8" dual cone drivers with wired dual voltage transformers and mounted white steel grilles boxed with two enclosures and two tile-bridges to transfer the speaker assembly weight to the ceiling support structure in suspended tile ceilings. The driver shall have an RMS power rating of 15W and employ a 10oz. ceramic magnet and molded high fiber cone. Frequency response shall be 51Hz-11.6kHz (±6dB) and 50Hz-20kHz (±6.6dB) with sensitivity of 97.9dB average measured 1W/1M. The transformer shall be 25V/70V with primary taps at .25, .5, 1, 2, and 5W. The grille shall be steel with white powder epoxy finish. The steel enclosure shall measure 10 in. diameter x 4 in. deep with 1/2–3/4 in. knockouts for conduit and a white powder epoxy finish. The tile-bridges shall be 23.75 in. long galvanized steel with holes for seismic anchoring.

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