Lowell LXR-MB26F
Lowell LXR-MB26F

Lowell LXR-MB26F

Lowell LXR-MB26F
Item# LXR-MB26F

Product Description


LXR-MB Series: Mobile Base (19?W racks)

Mobile base for Lowell LXR and LVR Series slim frame racks. Choice of standard or fine-floor swivel casters.


  • Skirted base is 16-gauge steel with black finish
  • Center opening for cable management
  • Includes hardware for bolt-on installation.
  • Non-locking swivel casters—standard or fine-floor (to protect wood, marble, tile)
  • Standard casters raise rack height 3.95 in. (load rating 500 lbs.); fine floor casters raise rack height 4.06 in. (load rating 620 lbs.)
  • Available for use with rack depth of 21 in. or 26 in.


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Certified U.S. steel


  • The mobile base for the rack shall be Lowell Model No. ____________, which shall mount under the rack frame. Construction shall be 16-gauge welded steel with bottom opening and black finish. Heavy-duty non-locking swivel casters shall be inside the platform increasing rack height. The casters shall be __________ (standard, fine-floor) with total load rating of ____ lbs. Mounting hardware shall be included.

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