Lowell LWSR-722
Lowell LWSR-722

Lowell LWSR-722

Lowell LWSR-722
Item# LWSR-722

Product Description


LWSR-722: Wall-mount Swing-open Rack 7U x 22?D

Economical two-part rack features a 16-gauge steel backbox and a front mounting section that attaches with heavy-duty bolts through steel fasteners with securing nuts.


  • Rack Space: 7U
  • Height: 20.08 in.
  • Width: 23.06 in.
  • Depth: 21.92 in.


  • Backbox has two center locks, 16 in. mounting centers, 10 in. wide center wiring path, and removable knockout panels on top/bottom
  • Mounting section connects to backbox with right or left-hand swing and features welded sides with top/bottom vents
  • One pair fixed position front rails tapped 10-32
  • Pilot Point screws with captive washers
  • Beveled corners
  • Black wrinkle powder epoxy finish
  • Load capacity 150 lbs.


  • EIA/TIA compliant
  • RoHS compliant
  • Certified U.S. steel
  • Made in Missouri, U.S.A.


  • The wall-mount rack shall be Lowell Model No. LWSR-722 which shall feature a backbox and mounting section. Overall measurements shall be 20.08"H x 21.92"D x 23.06"W with 7 rack units of panel space. The mounting section shall have top/bottom side vents and one pair of fixed-position front mounting rails tapped 10-32 and marked with rack unit increments. It shall attach to the backbox with heavy duty bolts that can be moved to the opposite side to change swing orientation. The backbox shall measure 3.65"D and be formed from 16-gauge certified U.S. steel with keyhole mounting slots on 16" centers. It shall feature a 10"W center wiring path, removable knockout panels on top/bottom, lacing points on back plane, and keyed locks at top and bottom. Knockout panels shall have 1/2" knockouts for wireless antennas; 3/4-1/2" and 1-1/2"-1" compound knockouts for conduit. The rack shall have a black wrinkle powder epoxy finish.

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