Lowell CLH-SKA
Lowell CLH-SKA

Lowell CLH-SKA

Lowell CLH-SKA

Product Description


CLH-SKA: Cable Ladder Hardware – Splice Kit, Adj.

The adjustable splice kit is used to fasten two ladders, creating a horizontal intersection while allowing the installer to cut special angles to route around room obstructions.


• Installation: The technician can cut intersecting ladder ends at the desired angle to attach to cable runway and continue the cable run around obstacles in the room.

• Set of 2 clamps (each clamp consists of 4 pieces plus a nut, bolt, and washer)



The cable ladder shall include an adjustable splice kit, Lowell Model #CLH-SKA to be able  to fasten two ladders together to create an intersection (horizontal) of the cable ladder to route around plumbing or electrical conduit.

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