Lowell 810
Lowell 810

Lowell 810

Lowell 810
Item# 810

Product Description


Speaker Driver #810 (8? 15W dual cone)

Eight inch driver with 10 oz. magnet provides a step up in full range performance from the commercial industry standard (8 in. 5 oz. driver) for solid performance and value in paging or background music systems requiring clear communications.


• Description:  Highly efficient magnetic structure energized by 10 oz. ceramic magnet with 3/4 in. hard fiber whizzer cone mechanically coupled to 1 in. voice coil for extended high frequency response with fine clarity. Molded fibre cone enhances mid and low-range frequency performance.

• Frame:  Stamped 20-gauge steel with zinc-plated finish to prevent corrosion.

• Power Rating:  15W

• Frequency Response:  54Hz-11.6Hz (±6dB) and 50Hz-20kHz (±6.6dB)

• Mounting Depth:  2.84 in.

• Mounting Bolt Circle:  7.625 in.

• Dispersion Angle:  95 degrees conical

• Average Sensitivity:  97.9dB


• Made in U.S.A. with global components

• Meets or exceeds industry standards

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