JBL CWT128-WRX With Extreme Weather Protection treatment
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JBL CWT128-WRX With Extreme Weather Protection treatment

JBL CWT128-WRX With Extreme Weather Protection treatment

Item# CWT128-WRX

Product Description

Dual 8" 2-Way Loudspeaker System featuring CWT Crossfired Waveguide Technology The JBL Crossfired Waveguide Technology CWT128 is a compact full-range 2-way system designed to provide extremely wide-angle coverage with maximum bandwidth and SPL in a single system package. The unique wide coverage pattern horn is designed to provide seamless coverage to 160-degrees horizontally. CWT128’s small footprint makes the system ideal for nearly all architecturally sensitive environments, taking up about a third of the footprint of two speakers splayed side by side.

  • Seamless horizontal coverage across a full 160ฐ
  • Compact size and small footprint make it ideal for architecturally sensitive environments
  • Dual 205 mm (8 in) LF transducers
  • Extremely wide-coverage 160ฐ x 60ฐ waveguide
  • Dual 25 mm (1") exit, 38 mm (1.5") diaphragm compression driver
  • Easy to install with 4 M10 attachment points built in across the top and sides
  • 4 M8 points on the back panel accept OmniMountฎ wall mounting brackets
  • WRC and WRX weather resistant versions are available upon request
  • CWT128 is available in white - WH

  • System Format Extremely Wide Angle Coverage Dual 8" 2-Way Loudspeaker System
  • Frequency Range (-10 dB) 71 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Frequency Response (+/-3 dB) 96 Hz - 19 kHz
  • Coverage Pattern 160ฐ x 60ฐ
  • System Sensitivity 94 dB SPL/1W/1m
  • Rated Maximum SPL (1m) 129 dB
  • System Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
  • Long-Term System Power Rating 450W (1800W Peak)
  • System Power Rating 850W/1700W/3400W Continuous/Program/Peak
  • Crossover 1.5 kHz
  • Low Frequency Driver 2 x JBL 228J, 205 mm (8 in) SFG™ driver with 64 mm (2.5 in) edge wound voice coil
  • High Frequency Driver 2 x 2408H-1 25 mm (1 in) exit compression driver, 38 mm (1.5 in) voice coil
  • High-Frequency Waveguide Crossfired Waveguide
  • Finish Black DuraFlex™ finish. White (-WH) available upon request
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 811.28 x 259.59 x 300.74 mm (31.94 x 10.22 x 11.84 in)
  • Weight 18.6 kg (40.9 lb)

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