Hosa Technology CAT-5100BK

Hosa CAT-5100BK

Hosa CAT-5100BK
Item# CAT-5100BK

Product Description

Cat 5e Cable, 8P8C to Same, 100 ft

Cat 5e Cable

This cable is designed for use in high-speed local area networks (LANs). It is ideal for connecting a PC or peripheral to an Ethernet network. Features include:


• Performance up to 350 MHz for use in 1000BASE-T networks
• Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) construction to minimize crosstalk
• Backward compatibility with Cat 5 and Cat 3 standards

Connectors: 8P8C to Same
Color: Black

Model Length
CAT-501BK 1 ft
CAT-503BK 3 ft
CAT-505BK 5 ft
CAT-510BK 10 ft
CAT-525BK 25 ft
CAT-550BK 50 ft
CAT-5100BK 100 ft

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