FURMAN SPB-8C Stereo Pedal Board with Hardshell Case
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FURMAN SPB-8C Stereo Pedal Board with Hardshell Case

FURMAN SPB-8C Stereo Pedal Board with Hardshell Case

Item# SPB-8C

Product Description

Often imitated, the original Furman SPB-8 was the first stereo pedal board on the market. Now Furman is proud to offer its successor, the SPB-8C. Featuring a new hardshell case, more outlets, improved jacks, and a streamlined look, the SPB-8C improves on the innovative design that made the original pedal board so popular.


Package Includes
  • SPB-8C stereo pedal board
  • Durable hardshell case
  • Removable AC cord
  • Ten (10) 9VDC power cords
  • Strip of Velcro™ (4' x 24', to attach pedals to board)
  • Owner's manual
    Pedal Board
  • Solid, non-slip base with room for many stompbox/effects pedals
  • Pedal effects attach securely to 13.75” x 26.75” Velcro™ pad
  • Stereo effects return, effects loop, and amplifier outputs
  • Eight individually isolated, regulated and protected 9VDC outlets, with power cords included
  • Four widely spaced 120 VAC, 15A outlets allow enough room for “wall warts”, with master power switch
  • 9VDC power jacks and all signal jacks are insulated and isolated, eliminating noisy ground loops
  • Furman’s standard level of spike/surge suppression and EMI/RFI filtering assures clean power
  • Toroidal transformer for ultra low-noise performance
  • Rugged construction to withstand years of on-stage use and abuse
  • Extra long (9 foot) removable AC cord
  • Durable hardshell case built to withstand the rigors of road travel and gigging
  • Retractable, luggage style handle slides into lid of case
  • Inline skate wheels
  • Heavy-duty latches
  • Accommodates pedal board with effects attached, letting you leave everything patched together as you like it

  • Dimensions: Pedal board: 3” H x 28.5” W x 20.125” D
  • Case: 3” H x 28.5” W x 20.125” D
  • Weight: Pedal board: 8 lbs.
  • Case (w/ board): 18 lbs.
  • Warranty: Limited three year warranty covering defect in materials and workmanship.
  • Safety Agency Listing: ETL / CETL
    15A Outlets
  • Voltage: 120 VAC
  • Current Rating: 15 Amps total AC outlets, 1800W
  • Spike Protection: Line to Neutral
  • Spike Clamping Voltage: Initial turn-on at 200 Volts; TVSS rating of
  • 400 Volts peak at 500 Amps
  • Response Time: 1 nanosecond
  • Maximum Surge Current: 6,500 Amps
  • Maximum Spike Energy: 80 Joules
  • Noise Attenuation: Transverse Mode - greater than 20 dB 800 kHz to 10 MHz
    9 VDC Power Supply
  • Current Rating: 120 mA per outlet, 1A maximum combined current for all outlets
  • Protection: Eight (8) discrete re-settable fuses
  • Trip Time: 1 amp fault, 0.2 second trip time
  • Patch Cords: Eight (8) 3.5mm phone plug (tip hot) to P250L 2.mm x 5mm plug (tip hot)
  • One (1) 3.5mm phone plug (tip hot) to 3.5mm phone plug (tip hot)
  • One (1) 3.5mm phone plug (tip hot) to 9 Volt battery clip (non-perforated, tip hot)

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