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Reference Video AC Power Conditioner - In Wall - 7 Amp

FEATURES: Isolated Symmetrically Balanced - Narrow Bandwidth Technology dramatically reduces common mode and transverse AC line noise, typically in excess of 40dB at virtually all video frequencies up to 1 GHz. Maintenance free transient voltage surge suppression protects your valuable equipment, while virtually eliminating costly service calls. Handles 7 Amps continuous power. This far exceeds the current demands of the largest Plasma, LCD, and Home Theater projectors, while the isolated output eliminates potential AC hum bars. In-wall mounting allows easy installation, hidden behind flat screen brackets or in utility spaces. The white painted cover easily accepts any house paint chosen by interior decorators. Full product safety listing for the U.S.A. and Canada (C-ETL). The specially constructed toroidal transformer is the finest available, yielding extremely low magnetic field leakage, and D.C. tolerant, noise-free operation regardless of load or AC source contamination. (2) Symmetrically (balanced) AC receptacles are individually ground fault (GFCI) protected to ensure safe operation. DESCRIPTION The RVC-7W’s Isolated Symmetrically Balanced Power ensures no ground contamination from your incoming line will affect your filtered AC power, as it is totally isolated. This total isolation of both ground and incoming AC power means your critical video reproduction will not suffer AC hum bars, RF, or EMI contamination from shared AC ground lines. These distortions are commonplace when AC power is shared throughout a building or home. They can cause hum bars and at a minimum, significant loss of clarity in video images by significantly increasing the noise floor.

With Symmetrically Balanced Power, the incoming AC signal is transformed into two legs of half voltage, each with opposite polarity (i.e. 120 VAC Line and 0 VAC Neutral is transformed into 60 VAC Line, 60 VAC Neutral – reference to output Ground at 0 VAC). With these “Balanced" lines in opposing polarity and equal potential, virtually all common-mode noise is cancelled. Additionally, the RVC-7W’s exclusive Narrow Bandwidth Technology dramatically cancels transverse AC line noise as well. This ensures a supply of virtually noise-free AC power while preventing noise and magnetic fields from penetrating or radiating from the AC cords that power your critical video components. Additionally, the RVC-7W’s GFCI (ground fault) circuit, in tandem with our isolated symmetrical power technology, and virtually maintenance free TVSS circuitry, assure electrical safety.

The RVC-7W has been specifically constructed for in-wall installation. At just under 3.5" deep, and an inner chassis that is 14.5" high and 12" wide, it will discretely rest behind virtually all Plasma and LCD Video screens and their accompanying wall brackets. A generous cutout is provided in the front panel for up to (2) outgoing AC cords, and an isolated area for neatly dressing signal wiring. The conduit hole for incoming signal wiring is large enough to accommodate all the cables required by a scaler, as well as standard component inputs. Additionally, incoming AC wiring is separated by another conduit clamp and separated by a steel ante-chamber. The GFI duplex AC outlet is located next to a translucent blue output indicator, assuring that the installation is complete, and output AC power is present.

The RVC-7W comes with (2) mounting brackets, wall cut-out template, and all the hardware necessary to install between two wall studs *. The white front cover will accept any interior latex paint, for installations where an interior designer has specified refinishing all in-wall panels. Installation is simple, and the RVC-7W’s circuit breaker, GFI outlet, and C-ETL listing assure safe, trouble free operation.
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