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Clean, ultra-low-noise AC Power comes to you in state-of-the-art style with Furman's new RA-1210 and RA-1220 AC Line Voltage Regulators. Designed with a no-compromise, no-expense-spared philosophy, the RA units were created with painstaking attention paid to sonic and visual impact. The Reference Series is the flagship AC Power Regulation and Power Conditioning line of Furman Sound, a more than 25-year-old company that pioneered development of AC power products for the most demanding professional audio and video applications. In the home theater/audiophile domain, the need for clean, stable AC power is nothing new. In fact, with today's chaotic demands on many municipal power facilities, AC voltage is now being reduced so that it can be stretched to fulfill excess demand. This makes a substantial negative impact on your system's performance. Power amplifiers and powered sub-woofers cannot perform up to standard. Even a small reduction in AC voltage can obliterate the sonic impact of an otherwise superior system.

Enter the REFERENCE SERIES RA-1210 & RA-1220 With the Reference Series exclusive ultra-low-noise Stable Power AC line regulators, power amplifiers and powered subwoofers perform at their full potential. Sonic transients and low frequencies are startling in their visceral impact and clarity. When used with its Symmetrical Power sibling (the RI-1210 or RI-1220), video monitors, preamps, compact-disc transports, multi-channel processors, DAC's, and turntables are fed ultralow- noise, finely regulated, Isolated, Symmetrical Balanced Power. This provides two benefits: Not only does it ensure pure, low-noise stable power from your home's AC supply, but it balances it so that noise can neither penetrate nor radiate from your components' AC cables. Additionally, Furman Reference Series products generate virtually no heat, and are more than capable of the full AC current demands your system requires for maximum performance. AC regulators that convert AC power into DC power and, in turn, synthesize an AC power signal may seriously limit your power amplifiers' full potential. In addition, the RA-1210 and RA-1220 ensure that your sensitive equipment never operates outside of its optimal AC voltage range, and that damage will not occur from voltage surges or any power line irregularities. The RA's extreme voltage protection prevents your valued equipment from ever being ravaged by an electrical storm or careless power utility. When employing Furman's Reference Series Symmetrical and Stable Power Conditioning, you will immediately notice far clearer, stunningly focused sound and visual images from your system. Video presentation will be crisp and colors true. Frequencies will bloom with non-glaring ease and imaging will improve dramatically while remaining true to your system's inherent virtues.

  • Delivers a stable 120VAC +/- 1.5V with incoming voltage between 114V and 126V

  • High current capability (20Amps RA-1220, 10Amps RA-1210)

  • True R.M.S. AC voltage and current meter deliver laboratory-level accuracy.

  • 800V-peak, 250Amp-capable active voltage switching devices.

  • Ultra-low resistance Super-Spec AC outlets
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