FURMAN POWERLINK Remote Sequence Controller
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FURMAN POWERLINK Remote Sequence Controller

FURMAN POWERLINK Remote Sequence Controller


Product Description

The new PowerLink is a compact, low-cost rackmount Remote Sequencer that provides timing and switching for up to six power control devices, turning them on and off in a preset sequence. The power-down sequence is opposite to the power-up sequence - the last device to be turned on will be the first turned off, etc. The delay interval between the turn-on or turn-off of each device and the next device in sequence is user-adjustable from 0.2 to 10 seconds, via an internal trimpot.

A PowerLink is intended to work with a group of relay-controlled power outlets such as Furman MiniPorts, to create a very flexible power control system that can expand to handle as many circuits carrying as much current as needed.

An on or off sequence can be initiated from the PowerLink itself, using the built-in locking key switch, or, if the key switch is set to enable Remote operation, by one or more momentary or maintained-action switches in distant locations.

Combines with up to six power control devices to make a complete system.

Each control output has a front panel status indicator.

Front panel key switch for security.

Compact single rack space package.

Three unswitched AC convenience outlets.

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