FURMAN PM-PRO II Laboratory Pecision Grade Voltage Meter
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FURMAN PM-PRO II Laboratory Pecision Grade Voltage Meter

FURMAN PM-PRO II Laboratory Pecision Grade Voltage Meter


Product Description

Laboratory Pecision Grade Voltage Meter and True RMS Current Meter

The most widely recognized and trusted name in AC power conditioning is proud to introduce the PL-PRO II, PL-PRO D II and PM-PRO II power conditioners, featuring Furman’s revolutionary SMP technology. Furman’s Series Mode Protection (SMP) circuit also features our exclusive Linear Filter Technology (LiFT). Together, these technologies comprise what is, without question, the world’s most advanced and comprehensive transient voltage surge suppressor.

SMP with extreme voltage shutdown.

LiFT (Linear Filtering Technology) with zero ground contamination.

Two retractable, long-life, low-heat LED light fixtures with dimmer switch for rack illumination.

BNC connector on the rear panel allows you to attach any standard goose neck lamp to illuminate the rear of your rack.

Eight rear panel outlets and one front panel outlet.

20 amp rating, with ultra-high inrush capable magnetic circuit breaker.

Three year limited warranty.

Front panel digital meter displays incoming AC line voltage with laboratory accuracy (+/- 1.5 VAC).

Additional front panel true RMS digital meter displays AC current draw with laboratory accuracy regardless of load reactance, inductance or resistance (+/- 0.1 amp).

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