FURMAN PB-48 Patch Bay
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FURMAN PB-48 Patch Bay

FURMAN PB-48 Patch Bay
The PB-48 is a professional Patch Bay Systems featuring a full 48 patch points. The PB-48 is housed in a sturdy, heavy gauge steel single rack space chassis. Each unit is built with high quality jacks that will provide many years of reliable service. Each unit may be easily customized to allow any vertical patch pair to be half-normalled, non-normalled, or multied.

An attractive front panel hides all but the tips of the jacks, and provides a blank white area for labeling each jack's connections. A set of labels pre-printed with frequently used notations is supplied with the unit. The PB-48 is Furman's standard patch bay, usable in almost any application. It features 1/4" TRS phone jacks in all positions, front and rear, with one switching jack in the lower front positions. TRS jacks have the advantage of being usable in either balanced or unbalanced systems. The PB-48 employs jacks with silver-plated phosphor bronze contacts, mounted on 24 circuit board modules, each of which encompasses the two front and two rear jacks of a vertical pair.

The PB-48's front panel can be easily removed, even when the unit is already mounted in a rack. The unit may be customized by removing the front panel, pulling out any module to be non-normalled, turning it end-for-end, and replacing it.

  • 48 Point Balanced Patchbay
  • Provides 48 channels of 1/4" TRS handling
  • Half-normal configuration standard
  • Easily denormalized by reversing circuit card
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
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