FURMAN IT-1230 30 Amp Pro Level Balanced Power Conditioner
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FURMAN IT-1230 30 Amp Pro Level Balanced Power Conditioner

FURMAN IT-1230 30 Amp Pro Level Balanced Power Conditioner
Designed for the most critical, ultra-low-noise installations, the IT-1210, IT-1220 and IT-1230 can supply 10, 20 or 30 amps respectively of balanced AC power to a recording studio, video or film production facility, broadcast station, etc. Their purpose is to drastically reduce hum and buzz caused both by ground currents from power supply filtering and by radiation from supply cables into sensitive signal sources like guitar pickups and microphones. The effect of the IT-1210, IT-1220 and IT-1230 is startling! They not only dramatically reduce the noise floor but also noticeably improve dynamic range and sonic clarity.

At the heart of all three models is a specially wound and shielded toroidal isolation transformer with a center-tapped secondary. The IT-1210 is housed in a 2-unit (3.5" high) rack mount chassis; the IT-1220 and IT-1230 in a 3-unit (5.25" high) rack mount chassis. The IT-1210 and IT-1220 back panels (see drawings on overleaf) provide 12 outlets, spaced to allow clearance for "wall warts"; the front panel provides two more. The IT-1230 provides ten 20A outlets, one 30A twistlock outlet and one 30-amp twistlock inlet in back plus two 15A outlets in front. Front outlets are Ground Fault Interrupter protected. All outlets are balanced.

An IT-1210 or IT-1220 can be installed in minutes without the need for an electrician; the IT-1230 may require some help in choosing and wiring an appropriate supply cable. All three models provide clean and completely safe power there is no need to "lift grounds" or compromise the integrity of safety ground wires to achieve hum reduction.

Special features include an accurate, self-checking AC voltmeter that not only measures normal voltages, but also flashes eye-catching special pattern alerts for off-scale but not extreme conditions (80-90 or 130-140 volts); an Extreme Voltage Shutdown circuit to cause a protective shutdown if the unit is exposed to dangerous voltages (like accidental connection to 220V); and Furman's exclusive "Soft Start" circuit to prevent the large inrush surge currents and spikes that would otherwise occur at turn-on and turn-off with such a large transformer.

  • Precisely, balanced AC power for professional, low-noise installations
  • Torodial transformer with minimal magnetic field leakage
  • Extreme voltage shutdown protection
  • AC voltmeter monitors line voltage
  • 30 Amp capacity
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