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Item# FUHRM16

Product Description


Following up on the tremendous success of its HDS-6/ HR-6 Headphone/Audio Distribution System, Furman introduces an enlarged and enhanced system, the HDS-16/HRM-16 Headphone/Audio Distribution System.

The HDS-16 Headphone/Audio Distribution System and HRM-16 Headphone/Audio Remote Mixer are the logical extension to Furman's very popular headphone amp/audio distribution lineup. These models are designed to function equally well for both live (in-ear or stage monitors) and studio applications, allowing greater flexibility and ease for both the user and the engineer.

The HDS-16/HRM-16 Headphone/Audio Distribution System cleanly routes 8 mono and 4 stereo signals to remote mixing locations via Centronics 50 pin cables. Up to eight HRM-16's can be connected directly or daisy chained to a single HDS-16, allowing as many as sixteen users (two per each HRM-16) to customize eight different mixes. A unique talkback system allows each user to communicate with other users and the main mixing location. Additionally, a SOLO system allows the engineer to mute all but one stereo send from the mix location -- very handy for reviewing recent takes or rough mixes. Additional HRM-16 features include local effects send/return, line out, overall bass/treble controls, talkback level, and a master level control.

The HRM-16 Remote Mixer may either attach to a mic stand with the included mic stand clip and hardware, or be placed on a table or shelf. The unit requires no external power, and allows full volume/low distortion headphone mixes to be created on the fly.

The eight mono and four stereo signals each have level controls. Each mono channel also has a pan control and an effects send control which feeds its own rear panel 1/4” send/return jacks; the affected signal is returned into the mix and controlled via a stereo effects return knob. Also on the rear panel of the HRM-16 is a mono line out 1/4” jack to drive stage or in-ear monitors, a jack for a talk-back footswitch, and two 50 pin Centronics connectors to allow daisy chaining of up to four HRM-16’s.

Connecting HDS-16 and HRM-16s is easy, as each mixer is supplied with a 25-foot super-flexible interconnect cable which can easily be extended or routed through walls and daisy chained to other HRM-16s. Cable extenders and thru-wall installation kits are available as well (see below).


  • Every artist in the studio or on stage can have a custom headphone/monitor mix without any adjustments at the board
  • Perfect for tracking, overdubbing, rehearsal sessions, and onstage monitor mixing
  • Can either be attached to a mic stand or be set on a shelf or table, allowing headphone/monitor mixes to be created on the fly
  • Talkback system allows each HRM-16 mixer user to communicate with other users and the main mixing location
  • One 25 foot HDS-16 to HRM-16 linking cable is included with each HRM-16 unit, eliminating the need for a costly “console snake”
  • All inputs are balanced; line outputs are balanced or single ended
  • Three year limited warranty
Cable Specs: 25 twisted pair, 24AWG, with overall shield, Centronics 50 pin plug (male) each end. The length of cable used only affects the maximum continuous power out.
Losses for additional cable beyond 25 feet: 32 Ohm phones: -0.34 dB (693 mW vs. 750 mW maximum output) per 100 feet of cable

100 Ohm phones: -0.16 dB (746 mW vs. 770 mW maximum output) per 100 feet of cable

600 Ohm phones: -0.056 dB (257 mW vs.260 mW maximum output) per 100 feet of cable

Power Output: 750 mW at 32 ohms; 770 mW at 100 ohms; 260 mW at 600 ohms
Line Outputs: Balanced or single ended, impedance 50 ohms, 68 dB OCMR
Sensitivity: +4 dBu for rated output
Inputs: Centronics 50 PIN Female
(2) 1/4” Balanced TRS
Distortion: Less than .002% THD, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, full rated power
Dynamic Range: Greater than 105 dB
Frequency Response: +0, -1 dB from 13 Hz to 32 kHz
Crosstalk: Less than -95 dB at 10kHz
Dimensions: 2.875” H x 11” W x 7” D
Weight: 3.5 lbs.

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