FURMAN HRM-16 16Ch Personal Headphone Mixing Station
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FURMAN HRM-16 16Ch Personal Headphone Mixing Station

FURMAN HRM-16 16Ch Personal Headphone Mixing Station

Item# HRM-16

Product Description

The HRM-16 Remote Mixer may either attach to a mic stand with the included mic stand clip and hardware, or be placed on a table or shelf. The unit requires no external power, and allows full volume/low distortion headphone mixes to be created on the fly.

The eight mono and four stereo signals each have level controls. Each mono channel also has a pan control and an effects send control which feeds its own rear panel 1/4" send/return jacks; the affected signal is returned into the mix and controlled via a stereo effects return knob. Also on the rear panel of the HRM-16 is a mono line out 1/4" jack to drive stage or in-ear monitors, a jack for a talk-back footswitch, and two 50 pin Centronics connectors to allow daisy chaining of up to four HRM-16's.

Connecting HDS-16 and HRM-16's is easy, as each mixer is supplied with a 25-foot super-flexible interconnect cable which can easily be extended or routed through walls and daisy chained to other HRM-16s.

The HDS-16 and HRM-16 are sold separately.

  • Headphone Remote Mixer
  • Submixer for use with HDS-16
  • High power headphone driver
  • Integrated talkback system
  • Local effets send/return
  • Overall treble and bass controls
  • 25-ft cable and mic stand clamp included

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