FURMAN AR-PRO 30 Amp AC Line Voltage Regulator
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FURMAN AR-PRO 30 Amp AC Line Voltage Regulator

FURMAN AR-PRO 30 Amp AC Line Voltage Regulator

Item# AR-PRO

Product Description

The AR-PRO AC Line Voltage Regulator is intended to protect computer, audio, video and other electronic equipment from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities-- sags, brownouts, or overvoltages that can cause sensitive digital equipment to malfunction, or, in extreme cases, to sustain damage. It accepts single phase input AC voltages anywhere within two capture ranges, 88 to 134 or 170 to 264 volts, and converts them to the North American standard 120 volts (or, if desired, 100V). Voltages outside the ranges may be converted to usable levels, depending on how far out of range they are and what is considered usable. For example, any voltage from 80 to 267 will be converted to 120V +9, -11.

The AR-PRO can handle loads totalling up to 30 amperes as long as the input voltage is equal to or above 120V (low range) or 240V (high range). For voltages below that level, its capacity must be derated at approximately 250 mA per volt.

Because the AR-PRO requires no switching to discriminate between a nominal 120V or a nominal 240V source, it can protect against a catastrophic error in AC mains wiring (for example, in live performance situations, where each act requires a special AC configuration, accidental connection to 220V occurs surprisingly often). This feature also makes the AR-PRO ideal as a component of a power distribution scheme suitable for worldwide use, accommodating national voltages of 100, 120, 220, 240, or others with equal ease and without need for readjustment.

The AR-PRO uses a design based on a 25-tap toroidal autoformer. The toroidal design assures minimal leakage of stray magnetic fields and a highly efficient, compact package. The AR-PRO's circuitry monitors the incoming line voltage with each cycle. If a voltage change requires that a different tap be selected, the new tap is electronically switched in precisely at the zero-crossing, to avoid distorting the AC waveform. If necessary, the AR-PRO can switch taps as often as once each cycle. Most commercial voltage regulators using multiple-tapped transformers switch taps with relays at uncontrolled times, thereby creating voltage spikes! And unlike voltage regulators that employ ferro-resonant transformers, the AR-PRO is not sensitive to small errors in line frequency, making it ideal for use with generators.

The AR-PRO has twelve convenience outlets on its rear panel, and two on the front panel. All outlets are regulated, spike-suppressed, and filtered against RFI with a 3-pole filter. There are no controls except a master circuit breaker, which serves as an on-off switch. Two bar-graph meters each comprised of 21 LED's each indicate input voltage and output current, while three other LED's indicate proper function (i.e., that the output voltage is within 5% of the selected voltage, or above or below that range). One or more units may be turned on remotely, either simultaneously or in sequence, with a simple low voltage switch closure.

The AR-PRO is housed in a double space (3.5" high and 16" deep) rack-mount chassis, and weighs only 50 lbs (23 kg). It is made of extremely rugged heavy-gauge black powder-coated steel. Optional adjustable rear rack ears (order part number RRM-2) allow it to be secured in the rear for extra stability in mounting. It is supplied with a mating female twist-lock connector ready to terminate your custom supply cable.

  • Voltage regulator: 90-275 In, 120V Out
  • Widens usable voltage range to 90-275 volts for World Use
  • Standard level power conditioning and filtration
  • Remote turn On/Off
  • Extreme over-voltage/under-voltage protection (E.V.S.)
  • 30 Amp capacity

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