Eternal Lighting EchoMATE™
Eternal Lighting EchoMATE™

Eternal Lighting EchoMATE™

Eternal Lighting EchoMATE™

Product Description




*IR Remote Plus - Sold Separately (The IR Remote Plus is the compatible remote)
*EchoMATE - Released 02/2016

The EchoMATE™ is a Battery Powered Wireless DMX Transmitter. The thing that sets
this apart, the EchoMATE™ transmits 24 automated Chases and sequences to your
uplighting wirelessly. Think of the EchoMATE™ at a Pre-programed DMX Controller.
We have built in 10 Auto Snapping and 10 Fade programs that are able to have
adjustable speed control from slow to fast. The EchoMATE™ also has built in two
sound programs, Strobe function with ability to control the speed of strobe. 
Remember, Eternal Lighting makes all the difference.

The EchoMATE has two main DMX Channel Modes for 6ch and 5ch.
RGBWA+UV or RGBAW+UV which is 6Ch Mode or RGBWA or RGBAW which is 5Ch Mode.
Either Mode you still DMX Address your lights the same.
001, 007, 013, 019, 025, 031, 037, 043, 049, 055

EchoMATE should always be in same ch mode of your lights (5ch or 6ch) and
always be address 001.

Repeat this DMX Address on all your lights in sets of 10.


Features & Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Powered Wireless DMX Transmitter
  • DMX input and output
  • Power linking input and output for charging the EchoMATE
  • Sound Active with 2 Sound Active Modes (1 Without Strobe/1 With Strobe)
  • (10) Programmed Auto Mode with 8 Speed Settings
  • Smooth Color Mixing
  • The EchoMATE has absolute ZERO noise - No Fans to make any Noise
  • (10) Programmed Fade mode with 8 Speed Settings
  • Manual Color Mix Mode on Push Button Display
  • 50 preset colors built in
  • Built In Color Macros, Auto & Manual control
  • 16 Digit, 2 Line, Full Text read out Back-Lit LCD Push Button Display
  • Ability to create & store into memory 5 Custom/manual Colors.
  • Master/Slave
  • Up to 20 Hours of Battery Life on one charge
  • Flush Mounted Wireless DMX Antenna recessed to keep the antenna safe
  • 2.4gHz Wireless DMX Receiver that is also a Transmitter (300ft Line of Sight)
  • Simultaneous master signal transmitting as Master to all other lights in range
  • Multiple IR Sensors
  • Omega Clamp (included) for easy mounting/hanging
  • 3ft IEC to 3 prong eddison cord (Included) for charging
  • Rubber feet for non intrusive lay flat design
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 6 3/4" x 6 1/2" x 4 5/8"
  • Weight 4.0 lbs
Color buttons on the (IR Remote Plus) Values listed below:

Red: (value Red 255)
Green: (value Green 255)
Blue: (value Blue 255)
White: (value White 255)
Amber: (value Amber 255)
UV: (value UV 255)
Orange: (value Red 50, Green 30, Amber 200)
Cyan: (value Green 255, White 255)
Purple: (value Red 210, Blue 255)
Pink: (value Red 255, White 50)
Hot Pink: (value Red 255, UV 255)
Candle Light (value Green 20, White 25, Amber 255)
Warm White: (value White 90, Amber 255) ;

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