Eliminator LED Cloud
Eliminator LED Cloud

Eliminator LED Cloud

Eliminator LED Cloud

Product Description

The LED Cloud from Eliminator Lighting is a powerful high output DMX fixture powered by 5x RGBWA LEDs rated @ 3W each. With its lightweight and compact size the LED Cloud is easy to transport to and from your gigs, whether its at a night club, bar or even a back yard party you can rest assure the LED Cloud will not disappoint. Offers 4 operational modes: Auto (built-in programs), Sound Active, Master/Slave and DMX. Best part of all the LED Cloud runs on minimum power consumption by using LED technology and emits little no heat making it ECO friendly.
• 5x RGBWA LEDs rated @ 3W each - Colors:
  Red, Green, Blue, White and Amber
• 4 Modes: Auto/Stand Alone, Sound Active,
  Master/Slave and DMX
• Links multiple LED Cloud’s via 3-pin
  XLR connections onboard
• Links 1 power source to multiple LED Cloud’s
  via AC IEC connections onboard
• Digital sound sensitivity control
• Built-in light show programs
• 4 DMX Channel
• 4 Button LED Menu
• Blackout
• Strobe Effect 
• Clockwise & Counter Clockwise rotation
• Electronic Dimming: 0-100%
• Low heat emission 
• Stays on all night, no duty cycle
• Multi-Voltage: AC 100V-240V / 50Hz-60Hz
• Total Power Consumption: 27.5W
• LEDs are rated @ 30,000 hours
• Dimensions: 9.75” x 7” x 9.5” in. / 250 x 177 x 240 mm
• Weight: 4.5 lb. / 2 kg.
  • With Wired Digital Communication Network
 Specifications subject to change

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