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The CD Series amplifier is the next generation family of elevated efficiency amplification from Crest Audio. The CD Series combines a linear power supply and a Class D output to deliver Crest power in a compact and cost-effective package. This series is very versatile, whether powering nightclub systems or high school gymnasiums. CD Series brings a new generation of amplification to Crest Audio.

Design Focus
A traditional linear power supply is used in the CD Series. Because of the efficiency of the switching output stage, the transformer does not need to be big or heavy. This gives the CD Series an advantage in delivering huge power in a compact package. The efficiency of the output stage also gives the power supply the ability to handle heavy duty cycles without compromising sonic integrity.

Crest Audio's engineering has also maintained sonic quality while incorporating the advantages of a switching output stage. High-power Class-D topology is the key to its efficiency and low operating temperature. An additional advantage to this design is the amount of power needed over time. This amplifier will dramatically reduce the number of kW / hr needed for operation.
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