AKG PRO EC81MD beige Microlite Microphones
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AKG PRO EC81MD beige  Microlite Microphones

AKG PRO EC81MD beige Microlite Microphones

Item# 3242Z00010

Product Description



for theater, broadcast and conferences

\Designed for theater, broadcast, musical performances and conferences, the EC81 MD reference lightweight cardioid ear-hook microphone is engineered for accurate, specific placement. Featuring a flexible ear-hook and adjustable boom length, it’s easy for the wearer to find the perfect fit without any help. 

When it comes to sound, its sensitive cardioid polar pattern picks up a wide range of frequencies—from bass to soprano—and provides flexibility in getting the best sound from the source.

Available in two colors, the EC81 MD microphone is ready to help you stand out—without standing out.

Comfortable design
ready for extended use

Microdot connector
works with all major wireless systems

Superior EMC protection
for interference-free use

Cardioid capsule
to reduce background and feedback noise

Audio frequency bandwidth 20 to 20000 Hz
Sensitivity 13 mV/Pa
Signal to Noise 57 dB-A
Electrical impedance at 1 kHz 5,000 Ohms
Self noise 35.5 mW
Notes Measurements in working distance (2-3 cm from sound source)
Powering Interface
Voltage 3 to 10 V
Dimensions / Weight
Length capsule only: 8.5 mm
Diameter capsule only: 4.4 mm
Net Weight total including cable: 7.6 g

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