ADJ Stinger Spot DMX Pak
ADJ Stinger Spot DMX Pak

ADJ Stinger Spot DMX Pak

ADJ Stinger Spot DMX Pak

Product Description


Mobile Moving Head package complete with two ADJ Stinger Spot, ADJ myDMX Amigo hardware/software controller with pre-programmed shows, two DMX cables and a padded carrying bag.

Package includes:

• 2x ADJ Stinger Spots

• 1x ADJ myDMX Amigo Controller 

• 1x 5V USB to 120VAC Power Adapter 

• 1x ADJ F4 PAR BAG - Padded Carrying Bag for all products 

• 1x Accu-Cable AC3PDMX15 - 15 ft., 3-pin DMX cable 

• 1x Accu-Cable AC3PDMX10 - 10 ft., 3-pin DMX cable


The Stinger Spot DMX Pak is the perfect lighting system for someone just getting started in lighting with a party-style moving head package. It's also great for someone with wants to set-up a lighting system and let it run so that can focus on DJing or performing.

The myDMX Amigo comes with pre-programs for specifically for the Stinger Spots. The F4 PAR BAG carrying bag allows for easy transport, storage and protection of your gear.

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