ADJ LSF 30-24
ADJ LSF 30-24

ADJ LSF 30-24

ADJ LSF 30-24
Item# LSF536

Product Description


Light Shaping Filter - 30 degrees - 24" x 20" sheet

The LSF30-24's sheet size measures 24" x 20" and produces a 30-degree beam. It can be cut very easily to accommodate to the proper size. This sheet can transmit up to 92% of the light and can be shaped to the desired effect. Smooth or widen any LED Panel or LED Par. Perfect for up lighting or stage lighting.

If your beams are too tight this light shaping filter will easily handle the task. This is an essential product for LED PAR cans. Add it to your performance and see the difference. Every professional has this filter in their toolbox.

Please note that this product cannot be used with regular PAR cans, it will melt.



  • Light Shaping Filter 30 degree beam angle
  • Sheet size: 22" x 24"
  • SKU: LSF536

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