ADJ Focus Spot 4Z
ADJ Focus Spot 4Z

ADJ Focus Spot 4Z

ADJ Focus Spot 4Z
Item# FOC200

Product Description

200W LED Moving Head Spot Fixture with Motorized Focus & Motorized Zoom (11 ~ 22-degrees). Equipped with 6 GOBOs plus open, 8 colors + white and 2 prism wheels.

The new Focus Spot 4Z sits at the top of range of the popular Focus Series moving heads from ADJ Lighting. The Focus Spot 4Z is powered by a brilliant 200W cool white LED engine and is equipped with motorized focus and zoom (11 ~ 22-degree zoom). Its designed for temporary live events and fixed installations in nightclub, stages or churches. It is professionally fit with one GOBO wheel with 6 rotating/replaceable GOBOS, 8 vibrant colors plus white, and 2 prism wheels (one 5-facet linear and one 6-facet circular).

The Focus Spot 4Z has locking powerCON In and out connectors to daisy chain the power, as well as 3-pin DMX In/Out to transmit a DMX signal from one fixture to the next. There is a USB firmware update port built-in plus advanced control options such as: 16-bit fin pan and tilt, multiple DMX control modes, and 6 different dimming options. The Focus Spot 4Z offers a robust light output in a light weight, compact foot print (18-inch high and one 23 pounds)


Light Source:

200W Cool White LED Engine (50,000 hr.)


Motorized Focus

Motorized Zoom:11 ~ 22-degrees plus 16-bit Fine Zoom

2 Prism FX: Rotating 5-facet Linear & rotating 6-facet Circular

0-100% smooth dimming

Various strobe speeds

USB firmware update port

2 cooling fans

Color Wheel:

8 dichroic colors + white

GOBO Wheel:

6 aluminum GOBOs + open

All GOBOs removable & rotatable

GOBO Shake Effect

GOBO size: 23mm (outer); 19mm (viewable); 0.5mm (thickness)

Prism Wheel:

Prism Wheel 1: Rotatable 5-facet Linear

Prism Wheel 2: Rotatable 6-facet Circular

Prism Indexing Control:

3 DMX Channel Modes: 16/18/22 Channels

Color LCD display with 6-button function menu

Data In/Out: 3-pin DMX

Power In/Out: Locking powerCON (Daisy chain 4 units @ 120V; 10 units @ 240V)

Control Mode: DMX512 or internal programs

6 Dimming Curve Modes: Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, Theatre, Stage 2

0-100% smooth dimming

Various strobe speeds

USB firmware update port

With Wired Digital Communication Network


Pan: 540 & 630 degrees

Tilt: 270 degrees

Dimensions & Weight:

Dimension:18” x 10.97” x 7.15” / 457 x 279 x 182mm

Weight:23 lbs. / 10 kg.

What’s Included:

Omega Bracket

6 ft/3M powerCON power cable

Safety Cable

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