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RANE VP-12 Voice Processor (1U) - click to enlargeRANE VP-12 Voice Processor (1U)

General Description The VP 12 is a mic or line level voice processor incorporating a studio-grade microphone stage, low and hi cut filters, de-esser, gate/compressor, and two channels of parametric equalization.

The XLR Microphone XLR Input features switchable 48V Phantom Power and an Input Gain control. A separate balanced Line Level Input arrives from either screw terminals or a 1/4" TRS jack. A front panel switch selects whether the Mic, Line, or the Sum of Both Inputs will be processed by the VP 12. The Sum feature allows the Line Input of the VP 12 to act as an Expand Input for other outboard mic preamps. The Line Level Input easily accepts the output of wireless mic systems. Variable Low and Hi Cut Filters tailor the overall frequency range to the specific application.

A De-Esser is provided to remove sibilance. The De-Esser Threshold control determines the point that the De-Esser becomes active and the Range switch controls the amount of de-essing.

The Gate and Compressor section controls the dynamics of the VP 12. The Gate Threshold controls the point below which the output of the VP 12 is effectively shut off. But don't equate the VP 12's Gate with those pumpers and breathers out there. The Gate Ratio insures a smooth transition from active output to off without pumping artifacts. The Compressor helps to protect your ears and equipment from temporary overloads caused by inconsistent sound levels. The Compressor Threshold setting determines the point above which the gain is gently or not so gently held in check. The demeanor of the Compressor is controlled by the Compressor Ratio control. Low settings yield gentle control while higher settings act as a limiter. A seven segment Gain Reduction meter lets you know just how much the compressor is compressing.

To control signal tone, or remove potential problems, two bands of Parametric EQ are included. Each band has a frequency multiplier switch that allows the range to cover 10 Hz to 20 kHz. A Bandwidth control allows control over a wide valley or a narrow crevasse. If +12 dB of Boost or -15 dB of Cut isn't enough, the filters are in series -- so simply setting the filters to the same Frequency can double the amount of Boost or Cut.

Independent Bypass switches in each processing section defeat unnecessary processing and allow process/unprocessed comparisons. Additionally, each section of processing can be re-patched in any order via screw terminal jumpers on the rear of the unit.

Concentric front panel Output Level controls deliver the Main and Aux Outputs to balanced XLR and screw terminal connections. The six segment LED Output Meters are accurately calibrated in peak dBu.




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