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RANE AC 24 Stereo 4-Way Active Crossover (2U) - click to enlarge

RANE AC 24 Stereo 4-Way Active Crossover (2U)

The AC 24 stereo 4-way Crossover combines conventional analog controls and DSP signal processing. The AC 24 is ideal for those who want the features and accuracy of DSP, but prefer not to use a PC for control. One knob = one function -- no confusion. This approach allows a full-featured, high performance product that doesn't break the bank. The AC 24 is a truly affordable crossover that features the very best technology, with exactly the right features.

The AC 24 combines Rane's exclusive phase compensated, 4-way Linkwitz-Riley-Plus crossover filters with independent time delay and limiting for each output. Once settings are made, an included security cover guards all controls. With these tools, it is possible to realize a well-protected sound system that exhibits unsurpassed clarity and accuracy.

Special AC 24 Features Exclusive Automatic Phase Compensation Independent Alignment Delays Independent Limiters CD Horn EQ on Hi-Mid and High Outputs Stereo Link Switch Summed Output Expands Uses Security Cover Included Internal Universal Power Supply

Applications 4-Way or 3-Way Operation Independent, Dual-Mono Crossover Linked Control, Stereo Crossover Split-Band Limiter 4-band, 4th-Order, 24 dB per Octave Tone Controls

AC-24List price: $999.00Your price: $799.00



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