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Numark's club tested, professional–level DJ software and a personal computer are all you need to create the ultimate mix. Monitor your mix through headphones and visually on your computer screen. Output your masterpiece to a club's sound and video system. Use CUE 5's built–in broadcast functionality to podcast on the web.

Every DJ can also be a VJ using CUE 5's built–in video transitions and effects. CUE 5 supports CD+G formats for a quick and easy Karaoke setup. You can mix, scratch, juggle, interchange and sample audio and video files without expensive, bulky hardware.

Version 5 includes loads of new enhancements including FreeFrame plug-in compatibility, Smart Database management, and a powerful new Global Search function.

  • Mix, scratch and interchange audio or video
  • NEW Smart Database Management – Automatically checks database integrity at launch and fixes errors by cleaning out missing and removed files
  • NEW Global Search – Files are automatically added to a global search database allowing you to quickly find files stored on multiple folders and drives
  • Industry-leading stability and reliability
  • Visual waveform overlay of beats – Increases visual clarity
  • Multiple user interfaces to fit your mixing style
  • Built-in video and audio mixers with multiple video transitions and effects
  • Choose from a variety of built–in effects, add VST plug-ins, and create beat–matched loops and samples on the fly
  • Karaoke player with enhanced CD+G File Detection allows you to easily show all of your karaoke files in a single click
  • Output video to a projector, TV, or monitor
  • Improved Side List - Automatically lists tracks added to a deck but never played. Several new keyboard and controller shortcuts are now available for the sidelist
  • Upgraded searching - Streamlines track management
  • Improved ID3 Tag Support – Cue now allows you to view, search, and sort up to 9 different tag categories
  • Improved smart auto-mix playlist – Allows you to automatically beatmix songs in your playlist using the best mix method for each track, and using only one deck!
  • NEW Cover art browser allows you to automatically download and display cover artwork
  • Automatic BPM Detection works with any style of music
  • Built–in visual output for audio files
  • NEW Video Plug-ins allow you to add more powerful effects and titles to your video presentation
  • NEW Video Clip Player for “sampler style” playback of video clips
  • Slide show plug-in for video output
  • FreeFrame plug-in compatible
  • Innovative 12–bank sample and loop control
  • Works with Numark's DJ|iO, multi–channel sound cards, USB mixers, and built–in audio cards
  • Compatible with external DJ controllers, including Numark iCDX and
  • DMC2 and Total Control
  • Easily mappable to any external MIDI controller
  • Improved Play History Management – Automatically records what you played and when
  • Improved Playlist management – Playlists are now stored in a separate folder in your documents directory for easy management and portability
  • Upgraded Column Support – Select which columns you want to display in the browser, and in what order you want them to appear
  • NEW Filter Folders – “Smart” folders automatically update their contents based on your filtering preferences. Show all files of a certain type, year, genre, number of plays, location and much much more!
  • NEW Installation paths for full Microsoft VISTA compliance
  • NEW Integration with third-party applications (Compatible with Crates and iTunes Playlists)
  • NEW Improved Timecode engine with new timecode plugins

    Recommended System Configurations
  • Windows XP/Vista
  • P4 3 GhZ computer
  • DirectX Video Card such as: Nvidia Geforce 6600 or higher or ATI 9800 or higher
  • Sound card with multiple sets of outputs (like the Numark DJio)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Available USB port (USB 2.0)
  • 200 MB free on the hard-drive

  • Mac OSX 10.4.7 or higher
  • Mac/Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or higher
  • Sound card with multiple sets of outputs (like the Numark DJio)
  • 1 GB RAM of higher
  • Available USB port (USB 2.0)
  • 200 MB free on the hard-drive




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