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MACKIE ONYX 4880 Premium 48-Channel/8-Bus Live Sound Console - click to enlarge

MACKIE ONYX 4880 Premium 48-Channel/8-Bus Live Sound Console

When it comes to live sound, the margin for error is tight. Nobody knows this better than regional sound professionals, medium-sized venues, and houses of worship. Unlike the major touring and live sound companies, these hardy folks must make a difficult choice when buying a live sound console; it’s the age-old tradeoff between channel count and sound quality. Pay for quality, and you have to find some way to cram all your mics and instruments into 16 or fewer inputs. Go cheapo, and you know it’s only a matter of when—not if—the console fails at some crucial moment. As of today, that age-old tradeoff has gone the way of grunge and dial-up modems. Introducing the new Onyx 80 Series 2480, 3280, 4080 and 4880 Premium Live Sound Consoles—the best value in the history of live sound—from Mackie, of course.

Channel Strip Features:
  • Premium Onyx microphone preamps on all 48 channels
  • 4-band Perkins EQ with hardware bypass
  • 48V Phantom Power, Mic/Line, 100Hz High-pass, and Polarity switches
  • 8 Auxiliary sends with Pre/post switches
  • Aux. Stereo Link feature for IEM applications
  • Direct Outputs on DB-25 connectors (8 channels per connector)
  • 4 segment LED level indicators
  • Smooth, long-throw 100mm faders
  • Mute and PFL Solo switches
  • Balanced XLR mic and 1/4" line inputs

    Master Section Features:
  • 8 Stereo Aux Inputs w/60mm faders, 4-band fixed Perkins EQ and 4-segment LEDs
  • 8 Aux. Send Masters with balanced 1/4" output, 1/4" insert, Mute and AFL Solo
  • 8 Groups with 100mm faders, balanced 1/4" output and insert, Main Mix assign, Pan, Mute, and AFL Solo and 4-segment LEDs
  • 8 Aux Master / Group Flip switches
  • 10 In x 2 Out Matrix with balanced 1/4" outputs
  • 4 Mute Groups
  • Balanced XLR Talkback Mic input with routing to all Aux Sends, Groups and Main Mix
  • Dual 100mm Main Mix faders
  • Phones / Monitor section with Solo, Monitor and Phones level
  • Main Mix to Monitor / Phones switch
  • Big pair of 12-segment tri-color LED meters dedicated to Main Mix and Solo levels
  • Power Indicator LEDs for +15V, -15V, +48V and +12V power supply rails
  • Rude Solo Indicators

    ONYX4880List price: $7,669.99Your price: $4,999.00


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