FURMAN SRM-80A Signal Router Monitor - click to enlargeFURMAN SRM-80A Signal Router Monitor

The new SRM-80A Signal Router/Monitor makes mix-down and dubbing simple, professional and affordable. It facilitates mix-down and dubbing between different media types without tying up additional console channels. Multiple copies can all be made simultaneously through use of the SRM-80A’s “Output Select” switches. Monitoring is accomplished through use of the SRM-80A’s “Monitor Select” switch, built-in high-power headphone amp, or using the extensive speaker selection system. By simply connecting the control room outputs of your mixer, inputs and outputs of one stereo power amplifier, and up to three pairs of speakers, you will have a highly useful and sophisticated audio monitor system. Since each speaker pair has its own front panel level control, equal loudness can be maintained despite differences in speaker efficiencies. Additionally, one power amp can be used to power two entirely different sets of speakers.

The SRM-80A has balanced inputs and outputs for the SOURCE and A INPUTS, and for the inputs to your power amplifier. INPUTS B through D utilize RCA jacks. The SRM-80A allows easy signal routing between these dissimilar jacks.

The SRM-80A provides a high-resolution 40 LED x 2 bar graph meter to monitor the signal selected for listening. The meter displays a pre-fader signal for accurate monitoring of the signal going to tape or disc. This meter has true VU ballistics (AVG.), or can be switched to Peak Program Mode via the METER MODE switch. The meter also features a slow release-time peak-hold function. This allows easy verification of critical levels, and helps avoid overload (i.e. digital clipping and tape saturation).

The SRM-80A’s Mono Sum feature provides the ability to check for radio compatibility. (Only the send to the headphones/speakers is affected.) While radio airplay is nearly always stereo these days, phasing problems and odd panning arrangements can show up in less than ideal listening environments, such as cars, and many locations in nightclubs. Therefore, it can be beneficial to do a MONO check.

The SRM-80A also features a DIM switch to allow an easy way to lower the listening level temporarily without having to adjust the listening level control.

  • Signal Router / Monitor
  • Routes signal from one recorder to another with the simlple turn of a knob
  • Connects three sets of passive or active (powered) monitor speakers
  • Amplifier Switching allows 1 amp to power 2 sets of speakers
  • Routes a single stereo source (usually the stereo L&R mix coming out of your recording system
        or DAW) up to three sets of monitor speakers and four mix-down recorders (such as cassette,
        DAT, CD, and Minidisc Recorders)


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