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DJ-TECH uSOLO FX Table Top MP3 DJ Station with Scratch Effects - click to enlarge

DJ-TECH uSOLO FX Table Top MP3 DJ Station with Scratch Effects

Table Top MP3 DJ Station with Scratch Effects

The uSolo FX is Dj-Tech’s flagship Media Player. The compact and lightweight unit plays MP3 andWAV files from USB flash drives, hard drives up to 250GB, and SD HC cards via the on-board USB and SD inputs.

USolo FX features 3 BPM-synchronized effects : Echo, Flanger, and Filter. uSolo FX features advanced looping capabilities including BPM-synchronized loops and adjustable loop length. The unit also includes 3 cue point memories and the unique Recall Cue function allows you to store cue points for every songs on your mass storage device. Take your cue points with you and play them in any uSolo FX units. uSolo FX makes seeking through tracks a breeze thanks to its advanced 8-position TRACK SCAN function. The Next Track function lets you read through your collection without actually changing the current song. The patented touch sensitive, high definition jog wheel with LEDs features 8 ajustable modes to take your performance to the next level, including 2 Scratch modes with adjustable start and brake times, loop control, effects control, Track Scan, and more.

At last but not least, Thanks to the HD SHARING function, that let you link 2 uSolo FX together to share the same Mass storage device. Navigation will never be that easy, manage your files with DATABOX Software included, which will organise all your files to search them directly by Artist,Genre,title and Album, or by folder as well. Finding a track within a snap.

USolo FX is also capable of controlling your favorite DJ software via MIDI and includes Traktor LE and Decakdance LE.

  • Compact USB Media Player and Controler with Scratch and
  • 5 Effects
  • USB and SD card input ( SD HC accepted )
  • Accept most HD up to 250 Go
  • MP3 andWAV compatible
  • TRACK SCAN for direct access to 8 parts of the song
  • Giant Touch Sensitive Jog Wheel with LED CONTROL
  • 2 Scratch mode with 3 Effects
  • Store 3 CUE per SONGS in the mass storage device
  • HD SHARING: Share your mass storage device to TWO uSolo FX.
  • DATABOX Software Included: Prepare all your files on your computer to manage them quicker on the fly.
  • PLAYLIST : Search your files by Artist,Genre,Album and Title.
  • Adjustable AUTOLOOP
  • 100 mm Pitch fader with KEY LOCK
  • Starting/Braking time adjustable
  • MIDI CONTROL with 14 bit High definition Speed
  • SUPER COMPACT and lightweight
  • Headphones output

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